White label

Looking for White Label services? We cater to new and existing brands!

Do you need a proprietary recipe for your new or existing brand? We have you covered! Our customers' White Label products are made with the highest quality ingredients and the same production standards we hold ourselves to. If we are entrusted with a brand, we treat it as our own. That's what you get when you work with us: a group of highly motivated people that works to ensure your brand's products are nothing short of world-class! Located within an 85,000 sq foot Third Party Logistics facility, we can manufacture, package, and ship your products all under one roof with ease and efficiency. Contact us to get started!

A New Strain of Hero *Stoned Ninja is a comic book series named after its main character, who discovers a mystical strain of cannabis that gives him superhuman abilities. The creator and self-proclaimed "Gummy Fanatic" was looking for a manufacturer to represent his beloved comic book series when he stumbled upon a bag of our Ghost Kitchen Hemp Gummies. He knew immediately that our products and his brand were a perfect match. From there, we worked together to identify cannabinoids, flavors, milligram dosage, and packaging that embodied the brand. The result is a delicious and effective product curated by our customers and implemented by our team.

Please email cy@msghostlabs.com with any inquiries or questions you may have.