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Ghost Kitchen Hemp is a business many years in the making. Historical evidence suggests that Hemp has been used holistically for 5000 years. Our team is significantly younger than that, but we have about 40 years of knowledge and research experience between us. We are comprised of a group of people that believe in the products and our mission: to promote health and well-being.

The Ghost Kitchen Hemp team is committed to providing safe, lab tested hemp-derived products that promote a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Our gummies are manufactured in-house and contain hemp-derived Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC and HHC in addition to a long list of minor cannabinoids that contribute to our "Full Spectrum" line of products.

People enjoy our products both for the recreational and creative awareness benefits. 

However you decide to benefit from our menu, you can believe in the quality of our products and the integrity of our company. We use only the highest quality, lab tested ingredients sourced from reputable vendors.


    Chief Executive Officer

    Amanda Taylor has her Associate's of Science in Nursing and practiced for over a decade before involving herself in the world of Hemp. Her passion for helping others was the driving force of her career swap. Amanda values giving back more than most, which is why she has opened two safe houses for opioid addicts with a portion of the company's profits. When she isn’t busy operating Ghost Kitchen, or

    giving back to those in need, she is likely hanging out with her husband, two sons and three dogs in the great outdoors.



    Robert Coomer, or as we call him “Bobby” serves as president of Ghost Kitchen. In reality, his title should be the swiss army knife because Bobby truly does it all. If anyone needs numbers, answers to any question, ideas for marketing, or even just a hug. Bobby’s your guy. The only thing better than Bobby’s brain and hard-working mindset... is his hair.

    Contact Bobby 

    Chief Operations Officer

    Bryan made the leap from owning a construction company to founding Ghost Kitchen. His background in culinary arts is why he is better known here as “Dr. Kandy”. Bryan spent years of his life crafting our gummy recipe that eliminates the need for filler ingredients your body doesn’t digest. (Hence why our gummies work so well). When Bryan isn’t in the kitchen with his chef coat, he enjoys golfing and his daughter.

    Contact Bryan 

    Director of Distribution

    Blake owned and operated a CBD store of his own before joining the Ghost Kitchen crew. His diverse knowledge of cannabinoids is advantous, but his insight of the distribution world is his greatest value. In the office, Blake can always be counted on to keep morale high with his kindness. Even if his compassion fails to brighten a team member's day, a quick photo of his son is sure to do the trick.

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  • David Key, National Sales Manager, Delta 8 THC Gummies, Ghost Kitchen Hemp


    National Sales Manager

    David is our Jack of all trades. His background as a Direct Support Specialist and shining personality made him an extremely valuable piece of the Ghost Kitchen pie. Obviously, he works to make our national sales thrive. However,as an overachiever, he doesn’t stop there. David is known to check on the team frequently and always encourages us to stay on our toes. With a smile and attitude like his, we like to call him our head cheerleader.

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  • Cailyn Brock, Marketing and Design Manager, Ghost Kitchen Hemp, Memphis, Santa Rosa, Delta 8 THC Gummies


    Marketing and Design Manager

    Cailyn can be described as a diamond in the rough. While working on our production team, it was discovered that she is a TOTAL computer wiz with a sharp eye for marketing techniques. Her expertise in graphic design as well as her creativity in marketing makes her one of our most valuable assets. The only thing you can’t rely on Cailyn for is a consistent hairstyle.

    Contact Cailyn 

    Production Manager

    Aside from Alexia’s background in management, her lively spirit and positive attitude made her the perfect fit for Production Manager. She is responsible for ensuring our production team gets the job done, and done right. Lexie has gained respect from her team not only with her leadership skills, but also her with her humor; and let’s not forget her outstanding collection of snapbacks.

    Contact Alexia 

    Social Media and Content Specialist

    Haley began her journey with Ghost Kitchen working with our production team before finding her niche on social media. Alongside our marketing team, she operates our social media accounts. When she’s not blaring music in her office, you can find her collecting content, drafting online posts, or writing for our blog.

    Contact Haley 

    Local Sales Representative

    Jeremy Webb, our man with boots on the ground! Jeremy’s ability to spark up a conversation with anyone makes him a tremendous asset to us as a sales rep. While he’s not running around putting Ghost Kitchen products on the shelves, he can likely be found getting pulled around Memphis by his English Mastiff.

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