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Have only had time to try one of the four. Consistent and mellow on the strength. The cake batter is 80% yummy, but has a bitter 20% at the end that lingers. Maybe it just clashed with the dinner + beer. If reviews can be edited, I'll update once we've tried the other three. A very good deal overall. Shipping was quick.

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I got these gummies at a pop up tent in my town, and I am super glad I did. My significant other loves them and I am happy because I don't have to smell anymore smoke, lol. I am definitely ordering some more and love that the company is semi-local to me as well. Love supporting local businesses!

Absolutely love!!

This was my second order and I’m beyond happy with this flavor!! I think it’s my new favorite! Works amazing!!! Love love love!!! Thank you!


The product arrived quickly and is fantastic! I highly recommend it.


Gave the perfect buzz and tasted great!


Loved the flavor and it worked fast will be ordering again!!!!!

25mg Delta 8 Gummies(40 count) ASSORTED FLAVORS
Great customer service and I loved the product

The best gummies I ever had in my life

I slept a full night!

5 stars

Great qualities

Thank you for your wonderful product, my partner is able to come home and come down and sleep well thru the night. Thank you again

My batch must have been bad cause it was worthless

Worth it

Ghost Kitchen is the only brand of Delta 8/Delta 9 I’ll use. It tastes great, the effects are consistent and the effects are the perfect amount. I completely trust this brand!

this is the one..

I have tried many different types of gummies and this is the one I will be sticking with. I can sleep without nightmares, no panic attacks and no munchies! Thanks for a great product 👍

Good product

Product continues to get better and better.

Good product

Loved the product!

Good product

Assorted flavors are good and worked as needed. Thanks!

Good Gummies

great product


Great product

Pain Relief

I am so thankful a friend introduced me to these gummies. They help tremendously with pain control!! I have rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis. I am grateful to o have the option of not taking pain pills


Not a high but you don't get upset at little things
and by the way, all things are little


Fast as always :)!!!

Great stuff!!

Will order again!

Great Gummies

Perfect for unwinding after a long day! Will definitely be getting more soon. A+

Mild at best

Mild feeling


These are amazing! They taste great, work unbelievably well, and thanks to these I am off benzodiazepines! Thank you!!