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Do you have a brand but need a proprietary recipe for your product? Or maybe you're like Stoned Ninja, your brand isn't ingestible... but it should be. We are here to make it happen. Ghost Kitchen Hemp's white labeling partners' product is made with the highest-quality ingredients and is held to the same standard we hold ourselves to. We can manufacture and distribute your product all under one 85,000 sq foot roof. Don't have packaging? Don't worry, I'm sure we can work something out with our design and marketing team. While we talk to them, take a look at our current white label partners:


A New Strain of Hero

Stoned Ninja is a comic book series about a ninja who discovers a mystical strain of weed that gives him superhuman abilities. With a comic book that puts a cannabis twist on the classic ninja crime fighter, it was no surprise when they reached out to develop their own brand of hemp based products. From there, we worked together to construct a line of edibles and pre-rolls that would embody the Stoned Ninja brand. Our teams worried together to find the perfect packaging, products, flavors, and more to ensure Stoned Ninja fans everywhere could enjoy a product that represented the high and mighty “Stoned Ninja”.

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